What Can You Let Go Of Today That Will Lighten Your Load?

Growing up, I always used two full bath towels each time I showered- one for my hair and one for my body.

My mom never once got annoyed or asked me to stop. It was no doubt unnecessary for me to do that and it of course caused more laundry, more mess, took up more space; the whole thing could have been a battle, but it wasn’t. How annoying it must have been for me to do that.

I thought today how if I had a teenager who just needed to monopolize the towel racks and dirty two towels all the time, I’d probably be soooo annoyed.

But, she had bigger fish to fry, more important things to worry about, more important things to keep in order, a more important job and purpose overall above being the towel or shower police.

I know I sure can do a better job of letting my version of excessive towel usage slide by the wayside in an effort to make space for things that matter, for the dial movers in my life instead of freaking out over shit that doesn’t actually matter – big picture or stuff that doesn’t *have* to be done today.

In an ideal world, my laundry would never be on the floor and there’d never be a dish in the sink. My inbox would be at 0 every evening, and my internet would never cut out. I can choose to stress about that stuff or let it slide for now to make space for things that matter more.

I bet there’s something you can let go of today that will lighten your load. Something to care less about, stress less about, save til tomorrow or next week, something that you’ve been stressing about that doesn’t *really* matter long term. Whatever it is, let it go so you can make space for the things that matter.

For the record, I grew out of my double-toweled showers- which I guess also goes to show you that sometimes annoying, weird stuff handles itself without ever having to freak out about it in the first place.