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Weighing yourself is the laziest and most shallow way to “see how you’re doing.”

In many ways, it’s a cop out.

It’s the most socially acceptable way to “keep yourself in check” without actually checking in on yourself.

In other words, it’s a great avoidance tool and tactic. The scale has lead you to believe that everything that’s important about you can be captured in an instant.

It’s fooled you into thinking that every bit of information on what you need to focus on this week will be flashed before your eyes on the scale.

Try digging deeper, where most people don’t have the courage or wherewithal to go.


Ask yourself things like:


What kind of thoughts am I having today?

How does my soul feel?

What does my mind need today?

How can I show myself more compassion?

Do I need more space or more connection?

What makes me expand? Contract?

What makes me feel safe? Alive? Loved?


May your week be full of so much more than obsessive food and body thoughts.

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