Track Your Behaviors – Not Your Weight

Weight loss is not a behavior.

Setting weight loss goals is honestly silly- but we have to unpack a lot of shit to begin to understand that.

Unfortunately and fortunately, a lot of the behaviors that are conducive to weight loss are sometimes healthful. Like yes- incorporate more movement, fruits, and vegetables into your day- no one is telling you not to.

But we can’t actually control our weight as much as weight loss coaches and doctors make us to believe that we can.

According to the BMI (saving that topic for later?) I am morbidly obese. In order to get my weight to a “healthy weight” I’d have to lose over 20 pounds. This would have to happen as a byproduct of unhealthy behaviors like: obsessive & chronic cardio, loss of muscle mass, unsustainably low calories, etc.

If tracking *weight loss* mattered this would be fine. Except when we finally realize that HOW and WHY we spend our time is far more indicative of health, this is obviously silly.

I don’t care what the fuck I weigh so long as my behaviors are conducive to my goals of: feeling strong, capable, energetic, & joyful.

Ever start back up at the gym again? And you’re feeling good- strong, energized, and excited for the first time in a long time, right? Right. Then, you weigh yourself- don’t see what you want to see and then you’re like “FUCK THIS I QUIT!” That’s because you’re tracking an outcome instead of a behavior. You cannot control an outcome, but you *can* control the behaviors and actions you partake in.

It’s hard but you literally *have* to detach from an expected outcome.

So many women stop doing what is healthful because the *outcome* isn’t what they expected. So they revert back to old patterns because they were never worried about creating new habits to begin with- they were only doing it for an expected outcome.

Focusing on weight loss will always keep you here- stuck and frustrated af.

Focusing on behaviors that make you feel good and letting the pieces fall where they may is far more impactful than an intentional weight loss pursuit.

Track your behaviors- not ?? your ??weight ??