The World Desperately Needs Your Body

The reason you want blue blocker glasses is the same reason you want to lose weight.

You see something often enough, posed in a specific way- you end up wanting it.

This is about exposure and representation- and how it shapes our desires.

In the fitness industry, all we’re exposed to are women who look exactly the same. Usually white, thin, females, all wearing Lululemons pulled up to their nipples, with long hair, the same pose in front of the same full length mirror with the same filters.

See it often enough and you want this, too. See it from someone you admire? Tenfold.

You want blue blocker glasses because you’ve seen them over and over and over again. Exposure.

So while the Instagram “fitspo” community is littered with the same women, in the same clothes, doing the same shit and it’s making you feel like you want to look like that, too- remember this:

There are more women in the world who look just like you. Not Instagram ready, not worried about contorting just right in front of the mirror. The issue isn’t you or your body- it’s the lack of representation, the lack of exposure to other bodies that look like yours.

This is why clothes shopping is so damn disappointing. The models online and in store all look the fucking same. OF COURSE that slouchy off the shoulder sweater looks different on me than it does on the model in the picture who’s a size 0 and a foot taller than me. And OF COURSE we’re disappointed when it doesn’t look the same on us.

So even on the days when you feel the world doesn’t want your body- it desperately NEEDS it.

There are weight rooms filled with women who look just like you. And, if not, your presence could be the invitation- the REPRESENTATION- that one other woman needs to take up space there, too.

So, show up. Represent. Represent the women who’s thighs touch all the time, who’s calves don’t fit into boots. Represent the women who, for fucks sake, don’t want to wear low rise jeans. Represent the women who have rolls when they sit down, lats and fat that spill over the back of every sports bra no matter what.

Represent. So that other women may want to look more like themselves.