The Empty Promises Business Coaches Make

Make money while you sleep.

Work from a beach forever.

Retire your spouse.

Never worry about anything ever again, including money, because you’re a business owner now and with the flip of a tarot card, you too can become the captain of your own fate.

I could easily sell you that life. I could easily profit off of the ease that is curating the ideal lifestyle using the magic that is The Gram.

And maybe you’re just starting out and so your visions of your business are massive. You envision yourself effortlessly raking in the cash from your silky robe and throwing gobs of 100s into the air like you’re in a high fashion mobster movie.

You calculate your dream salary. “Omg I only need 100 new clients a year at $xxxx to make what I want to make! How hard could it be?”

Or maybe you’re like:

“I just want to be able to take a nap at 12pm on Wednesday and next week I want to go to the forest with my sister and my dog and not have to use PTO or ask anyone for permission or worry about a single thing while I do so.”

Or maybe you’re like “I don’t want to work the last 2 weeks of the year. At all. Ever again.”

Or “I’m going to automate the next two weeks of my business and go to the mountains.”

Or “I’m locking myself in a cabin for 3 days and no one can stop me.” <—me last week.

I teach business and business ownership ins and outs to normal women who want normal lives who understand that to be great, to feel great, and to do great things doesn’t have to be served with a side of grandiosity.

You’re probably not going to make your ideal salary overnight. I love you, but it’s true.

You’re probably not going to retire at 30 to a villa in paradise.

But mid work-week naps and afternoons off to get lost in the woods whenever you want are pretty sweet.

Not working the last 2-3 weeks of the year every year is pretty sweet.

Not having a boss or any coworkers is REALLY REALLY sweet.

Loving your clients & the work you do together is really sweet.

Whatever feels really sweet to you is always enough- no matter how average or “not Instagramable” that it may seem.

Chase your stress-free mid-week naps, my friends- they’re so worth it.