Can You Make Money Without Selling Fat Loss?

I betcha can’t make money without selling fat loss.

Just kidding- you actually can. In fact, I lost money every year in business or broke even at best when I *was* selling fat loss.

Was it inherently not selling fat loss that made it easier? Hell no. But the story I told myself was that it was impossible to get clients if I didn’t sell fat loss- I was broke anyway, so might as well stay aligned, right?

Hang on. You *can* absolutely not sell fat loss, not sell your body, not sell some bullshit lie of a dream to potential clients and still build a brand that you can be proud of. You can.

And in case I haven’t said this enough- I am not special in any way. I’m actually the opposite. I have perfected the art of fucking up, prioritizing the next best action over inaction, and the biggest challenge of them all? Learning to get over myself.

The biggest challenge on most days is managing all of my clients and the work that comes with it- over 70 clients have access to me at any given time. That doesn’t include friends and family, the 600+ women in my free Facebook group, or the 2,000+ people on Instagram emailing me and messaging me questions, triumphs, and dilemmas. On my worst days, I realize what a damn blessing it is to have THIS be my problem.

Can you build a business and not sell fat loss? Yes. Absolutely.

Is it easy? No. But it’s not any harder than selling fat loss. Is it inherently more lucrative? Also no. But when you’re in alignment with what you do, with who you serve, and how you serve them- everything starts to feel better. And when it feels better, you do better.

The hardest part is getting your mind right, working through resistance, fear, and thought patterns that don’t serve you WHILE implementing strategies that work. If your mind sucks, the strategies won’t matter. And if your mind is right, but your strategies make no sense- you’ll be where I was, deciding if you should buy yourself or your dogs food for the week.