The Biggest Perk of Entrepreneurship

The biggest business lie I used to believe:

“Unlimited earning potential is the biggest benefit of entrepreneurship.”

That’s how it was always sold to me. Own your own business- make as much money as possible with no cap or ceiling. Money money money money.

Turns out, the biggest benefit is the opportunity for more time. It doesn’t start out that way though. For me, it looked like nearly a decade of straight grinding. 7 days a week- 12-15 hours a day. No weekends. Answering emails and working on projects on Holidays.

And then, if you do everything right- the money comes. And it’s still not what you thought it’d be. So what’s left?

Time. Time and freedom. Time and freedom for more beaches, more mornings without an alarm set, more holidays with no emails, more time for coffee in a robe with no bra on and fuzzy socks. More time for reading books about whatever you want, or binge watching Netflix, or to take long weekend to catch some sun and sand. More time with family. More time with friends. More time by your damn self doing whatever the hell you want.

THAT ^ is the biggest perk of entrepreneurship- no question.

So how do you get there without leaving behind your clients, customer service, impact, or income? How do you get there without making millions over night or selling your soul?

I’m giving you five things you need in your business so that at WORST- every day can feel like a Friday. If you start planting these seeds now, you’ll get there in just a few short years if not sooner- it definitely won’t take you almost a decade like it did for me. You’ll have the breathing space you’ve always dreamed of but are working too hard to even think about.

Head anywhere you listen to podcasts, search for The Confidence Project, and tune into Biz episode number 22.
Don’t forget your notebook! You’ll want it for this one!