Take Care of the Spaces and Places You Occupy the Most

Your brain & your body.

Yet we tend to strangers on the internet, tap dancing like puppets on strings hoping they like us just enough to help us forget about the parts of ourselves we don’t love… yet. Or ever.

Would you want your body to change if no one else would see it? Or notice? If you got to your goal weight or size, would it be less real if the internet didn’t see it?

Who’s approval are you looking for?

I hope it’s always yours.

I hope you know that the disapproval you feel isn’t actually yours. It’s someone else’s.

A mom that hated her body in front of you. A boyfriend who disapproved or looked away too often. A world curated to show bodies that look nothing like yours. Rooms full of applause for people who maybe used to look more like you and don’t anymore.

But you don’t truly occupy those spaces. Yet you tend to them.

You tend to the thoughts and minds of others, wondering what they think, what they say.

Tend to the spaces you occupy most. The spaces you own and can’t ever leave. Perhaps you’d love it more if you actually paid attention instead of punish, ignore, hide, and then seek for someone else other than yourself to finally tell you that you’re good, good, good, just the way you are.

Maybe you’d have the time and energy if you didn’t waste so much of it wondering what everyone else was doing, or thinking, or looking like. Maybe. Just a thought.

Caring for yourself and changing the way you look are not mutually exclusive. I get the oil changed in my car so that it works as it should- not to change my Mitsubishi into a Ferrari. Ya know? Your body is the same. It’s a vessel. A tool. Not a decoration meant to impress or sit still & look pretty.

The only other appropriate answer here is: THE KITCHEN. so much time goes into cleaning, using, cleaning, & using & cleaning the kitchen. So, to recap: your brain, your body, & the god damn kitchen.