Stop Asking Your Mom About Your Business

Or your friend. Or your sister. Or your partner about what to do, charge, launch, or create for your business.

I used to run my business ideas past my closest people and then realized: they’re not even 100% sure what I do or how I do it so it’s really just the blind leading the blind sometimes ???? AND they’re “too close” to me to provide a truly helpful perspective.

“Whatever you think is best!” and “I’m so proud of you!” and “you can do it!” are all wonderful things to hear- but do not a business make.

Even your biz bestie may not be the best choice of who to turn to when you’re feeling stuck in your business UNLESS she knows about the ins and outs of your entire biz which include but are not limited to:

✅Your current workload and how it’s structured- 1:1, group, or DIY? All of the above?

✅Your current pricing structure + how you FEEL about it + your current work load, stress load, and how it all ties in.

✅Your brand pillars and how that fits into your content and copywriting.

✅ if it’s time to scale. How to scale. What does that even mean? ????

✅ do you have the traffic set up for an evergreen offer?

✅ is your niche locked n loaded?

✅what you want your biz and life to look like now, later this year, 5 years from now & beyond.

Whenever someone random asks me for biz help- it’s so much more complex than saying “yes! Create a course!” or “yes! Put it on evergreen!” because it depends on so many moving parts.

Same goes for your mom, your sister, your partner, or your BFF. They want what’s best for you but also probably don’t have the knowledge of a digital business to truly dig in and help you.

This is why support throughout entrepreneurship is so important. Truly invaluable.