Shocking Reason You’re Gaining Weight

There‘s a good chance if you feel you’re gaining weight uncontrollably it’s not because you stopped dieting…

…it’s because you started dieting in the first place.


You gain weight in direct correlation with how deprived you’ve been.

Diet culture is like:

– ”you’re gaining weight because you’re lazy”

– ”you’re gaining weight because you lack will power.”

– “you wouldn’t gain weight if you just kept dieting harder.”

And while you can absolutely expect your body to change over your lifespan, the difference between ebbs and flows versus massive peaks and valleys is based on your relationship to restriction and food as a whole.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the entire concept of intentional weight loss pursuits versus wellness pursuits and their vast differences still confuses you. There’s also a decent chance that there’s a massive gap in your understanding of what intuitive eating is and what it is not (welcome to IG where good shit gets ruined!) but… I gotchu.

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