The Importance of Rest

Why are we so willing to coddle our pets when they rest, yet when we rest, we’re so quick to degrade ourselves, call ourselves lazy, and feel intense guilt over it?

My dog, Mack, has taught me an awful lot about rest.

First, he’s the cutest. Yet, what thoughts come up for you when you rest? If you’re like me, rest used to make me tell myself things like:

You’re so lazy

You don’t deserve to rest

I’ll rest when _____.

I’m so gross and disgusting- if I was less lazy I’d get more shit done and feel better (body and business related)

”must be nice, you lucky bitch.” when others were enjoying their rest aka jealous AF.

But when Mack, King of resting, RESTS (literally all he does is rest lolol and I’m like:

“yes you perfect snuggle puff. You’re so cute! You’re so perfect. Here’s a blanket to accommodate your nap!”


”I am so sorry, booboo, I have to move. Here’s a pillow I’ll place under your head to replace my lap. I hope you’re comfy, my perfect angel.”

100% this is how I talk to him. But also- why are we like this?!

Listen up: rest is PART OF THE MF PROGRAM, yo. It’s not an option.

It’s part of the program in lifting- both in between sets AND between sessions.

It’s part of the program in your business.

It’s part of the program in your life.

If you’re not resting between strength sets at the gym- what happens? You can’t keep up.

If you’re not resting enough between sessions, what happens? Performance suffers.

Your life and business are literally no different. When I say that lifting & business are the same- it’s because THEY ARE .

I used to hate resting & now I take a page out of Mack’s book. Mack is king & resting is queen- get some.