Reminder: There is No Point in Working Out if You’re Not Eating Enough

You’re a warm blooded mammal. This means you require fuel every day.

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Evolutionarily speaking, humans moved FOR food. That was the point. You moved FOR food, moved TO food, and were only able to continue to feed the tribe if there was ample food to begin with. Or you died. Everyone died.

No, this isn’t a post for paleo or keto. #missmewithyourbullshit We *aren’t* still living in the Paleolithic era. Look around. You’re on a smart phone but we do still have incredible simple, primal brains and bodies.

Fuel and movement go together. They always have. They always will.

Sure, you can continue to under-fuel yourself while trying to pursue health via fitness, but the bottom will drop out.

You think “it’s not working” because “I’m not losing weight.” When I tell you that your obsessive aesthetic pursuits are robbing you of your health, this is just the beginning of how it begins. You’re underfed. Under fueled. And continuing to physically push your body. No bueno.

Women in particular are hardwired to be incredibly sensitive to stress. This goes back to evolution, too. Stressful times used to = “we’re actually going to die.” Your brain is so simple that it doesn’t know how to discern a real threat from a perceived threat- EVERYTHING IS A LION.

Guess what happens when you’re exercising and under fueling? Your body is stressed.

What happens to a female body under chronic stress? ALL THE BAD THINGS.

Including, hardly reaping a single benefit from your training. YEP. Even if you’re sore. Even if you’re sweating. Even if you’re really consistent. Doesn’t matter. Diet culture got you confused to the max. REMEMBER: aesthetic pursuits and health pursuits are not the same thing.

“Health pursuit sounds so boring though.” Well, good. Because the boring shit works. Most people don’t have what it takes to stick to the boring stuff.

Sleep well. Eat often. Train hard sometimes. Train moderately most of the other times. It’s that simple.