Planning Your Next Launch

You’re going to want to get used to feeling like you’re annoying people mostly because people are spending more time on social than ever before.

What used to be “7-9x” is likely closer to 25+ times for someone to take action on a CTA you post. Gross right?

I know! Lol.

There’s a lot to read between the lines of this post too:

▶️the importance of a core offer

▶️knowing what to say (not all CTAs are created equal)

▶️ structuring your offer in such a way that more enrollees is even sustainable

The point is, business is hard. It is. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. And there’s a lot to consider! So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, that’s normal! There’s a lot to be overwhelmed about .

The biggest takeaway from post is: be repetitive. Talk about your offer. A lot. Talk about it more. Weave it into posts and content long before your doors open, create relevant content that supports your offer, what you do, and who you do it for… talk about it some more.
There is zero way for any one single piece of content to address every possible perspective and piece of nuance that exists. So, if you’ve posted about your offer 1x and made a million bucks, yay! And! You’re an outlier. Nuance and outliers do exist. No one can cram them all into one post.