One Big Problem with The Fitness Industry

The fitness industry is one of the only “figure it out yourself” industries. I can’t walk into a coffee shop and brew my own coffee. I can’t walk into an auto body shop and ask to rotate my own tires. I can’t walk into a bakery and ask to bake my own cake. Sure- you *could* do those things at home, but we’ve all seen the Pinterest fails that come with it. And by all means, if you want to give yourself your own Brazilian wax- be my guest ?

But you can walk into a gym and… do it yourself, right? People do it all the time. Whether they’ve scoured the internet or Pinterest or listened to a “friend who’s done this for a long time”, a lot of people try to figure it out on their own. And sadly, they think they do it well. Spoiler: they don’t. Not even close.

They have no real idea of how to warm up, how to move, how to structure a workout- let alone an entire program. They have no idea how their body is supposed to move, what shape it should take, and what to avoid.

But this is YOUR BODY. Do you want your time spent in the gym to be a Pinterest fail or do you want to actually get use out of your time there?

Because I’ve tried to bake my own cakes and I’ve tried to pluck my own eye brows- and while nothing ACTUALLY BAD has ever happened, it sure as shit isn’t nearly as good as when I hire someone who is a trained professional.

The differences are outstanding, and rightfully so. Duh, right?

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