One Belief You NEED In Order To Love Your Body

One belief you NEED in order to love your body:


You need to understand what the patriarchy is. It’s the belief that women are less than. We are expected to look, think, act, and behave in such a way that is pleasing to men. We aren’t as worthy. And what we’re mostly important for is what we look like. Do we complete sexual fantasies for men? Are we fuckable? If we don’t look fuckable, we’re disposable.

We compete with women. Is she more attractive than me? Does this threaten my importance? Is her presence more worthy than mine because she looks more fuckable than me?

I didn’t become a feminist until I stopped buying into the idea that my body and my looks were the definition of my worth.

I’d have never had business success if I wasn’t a feminist. MEN LAUGHED AT ME. At the bank, at the financial meetings, at the closing of my home, the day I signed my gym’s rental agreement. Why? Because I’m a female on a mission and it’s funny to patriarchal men I guess .

Men at the hardware store look at my partner when I am speaking, when I am asking questions. “Do not look at him. I am asking where the drill bits are- look at me when I am speaking to you.”

“Feisty one! Arentcha?” No, you fucker. I am a woman. Now where are the god damn drill bits?

My body is no longer the thing I use as currency. I no longer compete with other women because I am a feminist.

My body isn’t for a man’s approval. Because I am a feminist. And I don’t care what men think. I care what I think.

And you wanna know what I think? I think women are rad. And I think we’d all feel a lot better if we stopped using our appearance as currency.

You need feminism. We all do. So that we can all stop deducing each other to what we look like and what we weigh.

Don’t you want your daughters to rule the world? Don’t YOU want to rule the world?

Stop buying into the patriarchy. Every time you *try* to lose weight, you’re doing this. Because anti-diet DOES NOT MEAN ANTI-HEALTH. So what’s left? You’re either a feminist or you’re lady-balls deep inside the patriarchy.

Stand up for your damn self.