My 3-Step Method for Choosing What to Wear

Does deciding what to wear stress you out? If yes, steal my 3 step method for choosing what to wear.

1- Does it feel like I’m wearing jammies? If yes, move on to number 2.

2- Does it look like I’m wearing jammies? If no, wear it. If yes, move on to number 3.

3- Am I allowed to look like I’m wearing jammies? If no, refer to number 2.

You’re “allowed” to wear whatever you want but you probably shouldn’t go to uncle Ned’s funeral wearing actual jammies. But when dressing your body feels stressful, we make it worse by buying or wearing clothes that are not comfortable OR by shoving our body into a size that isn’t comfortable. WHY are you choosing to make this feel worse? You’ll automatically feel better if you’re comfortable- I promise.

I wear jeans MAYBE once a year? And I hate every single millisecond. I take my jeans off AS I’m walking up the stairs once I get home because I’m so miserable. (Not looking for jean recommendations- not interested in the least!)

Don’t underestimate the comfiness that is leggings, boots, and an oversized sweater for work.

Not supposed to wear leggings to work? Find slacks that stretch and feel like leggings! Are you into the look of jeans? Find ones that stretch. Actual denim is the fucking worst- my legs will fight you over this.

Need to wear a dress? Find one that’s made of cotton or a material that moves with you instead of something that makes it impossible to breath when you sit down. I look like a straight up Bible character when I wear a romper- but I’m so comfortable that it’s hard to care.

Bonus points if you can wear a sports bra inconspicuously under whatever it is, or no bra at all. Regular bras are also the worst. #teamuniboob (spoken like a true gym rat)!

Speaking of underwear, make sure it’s comfy. Have you ever experienced the madness that is uncomfortable underwear? Go buy new ones that fit better so you’re not yanking at your ass all day. Or don’t wear any. Either way, prioritize comfort.

Go back to the three step method and if you don’t have clothes that don’t look like jammies but FEEL like jammies, go getcha some.