Mastering Instagram Does Not Guarantee Business Success

It’s easier to see things when we’re not in them- so looking at unrelated markets to help make sense of your market/business can be super enlightening.

Business is happening all around us at all times.

Most of my business clients come to me with a graveyard of coaches and courses they’ve purchased and still cannot make zero sense of their business at all. Can they make a good reel? Sure. Is their grid cute? Sure. Are they super popular on IG? Sometimes. Except for my clients that don’t use IG for business at all ????

Business is business- same concepts apply on IG as they do for a 30sec commercial selling Cheerios.

〰️perfume advertisements are selling s€x appeal. If I’m jumping into a fountain with a silk gown on, am I going to care what I smell like? No. But it’s a fantasy that clearly works for the right target audience. I’m not the target audience of those adverts. But it’s so fun to think about who is!

〰️Subaru isn’t selling you a car. They’re selling you a lifestyle and a story of adventure, longevity, and connection. Compare to Lexus commercials. Fascinating, right?

〰️Why sell clothes when you can sell popularity and s€x appeal? The power of marketing is how you can sell clothing without displaying… clothing. Wild!

〰️Cheerios isn’t selling you cereal. They’re selling a convenient breakfast option for general population health conscious folks. Notice the commercials: typically busy mornings, cute family interactions. Why might that be? ????

〰️outliers to the target market exist! I don’t have children but there’s a box of Cheerios in the house ????????‍♀️ just like you can own a Lexus and not be a white dude zooming through an impossibly empty city street with slick haircut. But, that’s the narrative- and outliers do and are expected to happen.

“The thing” you’re selling is the avenue by which your target market is going to achieve a specific experience, feeling, or result. Example; you’re not selling running, you’re selling the feeling of crossing a finish line for the first time. Just like Subaru isn’t selling you car.

Business is all around- not just on IG ????