Make Sure You Are Getting Your Business Advice from a Credible Source

I was a business owner long before it was cool.

Enter Instagram- now everyone’s an expert in business.

Even after years of truly boot-strapping and figuring out business-building on my own, I *still* get overwhelmed with feelings of imposture syndrome.

What the business gurus may not be telling you:

Mommy and daddy gave them the capital to start their biz. This is fine, but many of us don’t have that luxury.

Their partner can support them. If their business tanks, they’ve got a safety net. Also fine if this is you- but not everyone has this option

They look a certain way. No joke. Ever notice that the majority of “business coaches” all kinda look the same? It affords them a privilege not everyone has. I, too, have this privilege. I’m white-passing and straight sized with fit privilege. This conversation matters.

But I didn’t start my biz on third base. I didn’t even start in the starting line up. I was barely in the parking lot of the field- I mean, really.

Take IG biz coaches out of it for one second, I started a business from scratch and figured it out and kept figuring it out for almost 10 years. I have more business experience & business education than most coaches out there and I *still* doubt myself.


It’s unpleasant. It’s 100% holding you back. It’s 100% stunting the growth and ease of your business, but it’s ok, it’s all good.

The antidote? Do it afraid. Literally just keep doing the shit you’re doubtful of until you gather enough evidence to prove that either:

1) it’s really not that scary and you didn’t die from the fear.

or 2) you’re really not an imposture. Just a human. With fears and feelings and doubts- and even in all of your humanness, you are worthy of showing up.

Here’s a business growth tip for you:

Remind yourself daily that you are enough, you know enough, and you are worthy of all your desires. That alone will get you farther in business than any other strategy. Start here first.