Let’s Talk REAL Goal Setting for 2020

Stop planning your 2020 goals with best case scenario.

Let me save you the time you’re about to waste beating yourself up next year:

Shit’s gonna go down. I don’t care how many cutesy quotes you have posted to your IG stories or on your Pinterest board. I don’t care what the front cover of your newest planner says- shit’s gonna happen.

And you’re setting yourself up for let down when you’re not willing to acknowledge this up front.

You’re going to have nights where you can’t sleep and days when you’re tired as hell. You’re going to catch a cold and be laid out for days on end. Your dog is going to get some weird bump that needs surgery and throws your budget off by a few thousand. Your washer will break. You’re going to get a nagging pain in your back for weeks on end. Plans are going to get cancelled. People are going to let you down and test your patience.

Now what?

Don’t let these froofy, floofy, impossibly positive New Years resolution posts blind you to the fact that shit’s gonna happen in 2020- just like it has every other year.

What might be more helpful is who you decide to be when shit hits the fan. Are you prepared to be Her?

You cannot control outcomes. You *can* control your effort and your attitude. And stuff’s gonna go wrong. Who are you committed to being when stuff goes wrong? Focus on that, harness that, grow that part of you.

If you plan your goals based on best case scenario and forget to leave the wiggle room and the grace required to ebb and flow when it blows up- it’ll always feel like a failure.

Maybe don’t plan on hitting the gym 6x/wk- is that best case scenario? Don’t write that in stone then.

Maybe don’t plan on saving $10k if that’s the best case scenario. If your car breaks down, you’ll feel like a failure come 2021 when your savings goal was short.

See what I mean?

I don’t want you to set half assed goals. However, I don’t want you to pretend like you can control every moment and outcome of 2020- because you can’t.

Who are you going to be next year when your plan gets thrown? When the rubber meets the road and it’s not easy anymore? When the universe tests your desire to succeed? Plan for that.