Is Your Body A Reflection of How You Feel About Yourself?

A word, if I may.

This idea that the way we look = how we feel is often backed by how we get our nails & hair done and “no one is shamed for doing that so why should women be shamed if they want to lose weight.”

You’re not bad for wanting to lose weight- nor is that the issue. This issue is the story you’ve made up about what that will afford you, what it means about you and your worth, & also the fact that literally your intentional weight loss pursuit will backfire in a number of ways. Backfire = eating disorder, disordered eating, & or metabolic damage that lends itself to weight cycling. It’s tricky because what is clinically deemed as disordered is portrayed as “healthy, dedicated, & necessary” which is where and why many women get and stay stuck.

I just saw the original statement underneath a woman selling her 6 week fat loss program trying to encourage women to believe that if they just “felt more worthy” that their physical body will change. And if they’re physical body doesn’t look a certain way it is merely because she has self worth issues.

Here’s what’s interesting- I never felt worthy enough (or enough of anything) when I was hell bent on becoming “skinny” or “smaller” or “more muscular & less fat”- in fact, I was never more hyperaware or hypercritical of every inch of my body when the goal was to change it. Chances are if you’re feeling consumed by thoughts about your body/weight/appearance, it’s fueled by diet culture & would slowly dissipate as you begin your exit.