Is This Why You Keep Getting Stuck?

A natural human tendency is to avoid pain and pursue pleasure. We can define pain in multiple ways- discomfort, hard work, uncertainty, fear. Pleasure: ease, comfort, certainty. You get the idea.

If we’re always pursuing instant comforts and pleasure- we’re missing out on the opportunity of growth- which is found from pursuing hard things that are *not* comfortable.

Many people who win are often found not avoiding pain and delaying the pursuit of comfort, and know damn well that it’ll come eventually. We can find pleasure while not skating away from pain all the time. The product of a weak mindset? A weak life. Sorry, ya’ll. But it’s true.

What if you lean into the discomfort?

Use discomfort, fear, uncertainty, and the opportunity for hard work to be the nudge you need to pursue that thing.

For some, the pain of hard work itself is so, so rewarding.