If You Work Out RIGHT, You Can Work Out LESS.

You have a full life. Your days are busy and long. You’re craving time to do whatever you want, free of “shoulds”, free of pressure and without worrying about how much you’ll beat yourself up over allowing yourself to simply exist for one freakin’ second without cramming every. single. thing. that needs to get done into your day.

You’re not lazy. In fact, you’re the opposite. You’re so NOT lazy that you’re overworked, stressed, tired- and on the verge of burnout from trying to keep it together all the time- keeping the plates spinning on their sticks.

MARGIN (my definition): room to exist. To play. To decompress. Wiggle room. The nap gap (TM- I’m gonna trade mark that!)

There was a time I didn’t understand how to “do it all” without “doing more.” My work ethic made me feel like if I had any margin I wasn’t working hard enough. Then I realized I wanted some wiggle room and a freakin’ nap gap. And I wanted to find it without losing progress or babying myself.

I was spending 20+ hours a week working out. Equivalent to a part time job with nothing to show for it but wasted time, fatigue, and maybe 1 ounce of extra muscle than I have now…? Looking back, it feels so silly. And it was.

So I explored what I could get away with. How much do I REALLY have to do to gain/maintain my strength and fitness? And who the hell am I with margin in my life if I’m “only” working out 4-5 hours per week?

Turns out, if you’re working out RIGHT, you can actually workout LESS. And it’ll cost you absolutely nothing, yet it’ll grant you margin. Margin to to do whatever you want, without having to negotiate or bargain or sacrifice a single thing. No brainer, right?

It can feel scary to have extra time. But if you could do what you want to do and feel how you want to feel AND have wiggle room, play room, and a nap gap- wouldn’t you do it? If you could spend less time and make more progress, wouldn’t you do it?

The Barbell Collective- for womxn looking for a nap gap. Wiggle room. Room to play. Strength. Performance. And muscle as the cherry on top of this guilt-free cake. Monday, baby! Let’s go!