I Realized That Selling Fat Loss Was the Bullshit

When you know better, do better.

And here’s what you need to know today: the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Saying you help someone lose weight without the diet is a diet.

Moderation is a form of restriction. Sorry.

Leveraging what your body looks like for sales or “authoritative positioning” is diet culture.

Learning/purchasing/believing/following what someone sells/teaches/preaches *because* of what they look like is diet culture.

”A sustainable way to lose weight/fat” is still a diet. Trust me. I sold this, touted it, SCREAMED this from the rooftops. I built an entire business off of this ideology. It’s “sustainable” until your metabolism craps out and then you dig yourself into a disordered and obsessive hole but swear it’s fine because you can “fit in treats” and fuel your validation from likes on IG. Slippery slope.

“Leaning out” requires fat loss. Building muscle without fat loss isn’t “leaning out.” As soon as aesthetics come into it that happen outside of natural byproducts, we’re back down the rabbit hole- and you know it. The second it’s on the table, you’re checking for abs in the bathroom mirror every time you pee & you’re weighing yourself after every poop. I KNOW THIS SO WELL. It can’t even be on the table as a goal without it turning into a WHOLE THING.

You’re not bad for desiring your body to be applauded and celebrated. It’s not your fault that you’ve been taught that’s the price of admission for being considered a fit woman- but you can unsubscribe from that whenever you’re ready. You may never “feel ready” because you’re hoping that “this next time it’ll be the last time” & “let me just see what happens.” But you know. You know what happens because you’ve been at this dog and pony show for more than half your life. Like me. Like so many others.

There’s no shortage of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Here, however, I won’t sell you on a different body, a smaller body, a “better” body. Your body is good. YOU are good.

I want to live in a world where this isn’t even a thing anymore.

When you’re sick of the absolute mindfuck that is obsessing over what you look like, you can come sit by me. *pats chair*