I Don’t Workout On Vacation…And You Don’t Have To Either

What you do most often matters most.

Meaning, I definitely don’t often spend time on an island soaking up the sun. I do, however, spend most of my time bundled to high heaven living in the Midwest that will soon become a tundra- AND I spend more days than not throughout the year lifting, walking, and moving.

Because of that, I was able to hike and move with ease for my entire trip- which is something I’ll never take for granted.

Fitness in your day to day life affords you adventures on vacation- which doesn’t include forcing myself into a gym to cram a workout in.

Fitness allows you to live your life- it doesn’t have to BE your life.

Ask me if I would have said that years ago when my approach was all or nothing. I’d have wasted hours running and lifting instead of on the beach.

Not “off track”, not “behind”, not disordered.

Try it sometime.