I Don’t Want My Clients to Need Me

The Ideal Client Paradox

I used to want clients that NEEDED me. You, too? It makes sense- if someone doesn’t desperately need you, they won’t hire you, right?

Except, when a client is desperate for a change and doesn’t have a track record of being tenacious & resourceful on their own, you can accidentally create a less-than-empowering dynamic between you & the client. (Speaking from experience, lol)

Sometimes this looks like clients who don’t take responsibility. Other times it looks like clients becoming co-dependent & needy. And most often, it looks like teaching learned helplessness- where you accidentally rob your clients of learning/growing because they’re banking on you to spoon-feed them every answer to every problem (speaking from experience again). This is the ultimate disservice.

It can feel like you’re the best coach ever- but, are you robbing your clients of growth? I know I have.

I didn’t trust that they’d wait out the struggle. If I wasn’t there to immediately be of service- they’d quit! Because I failed them!

This is untrue. A great client already understands their own responsibility in the dynamic- which includes struggling, failing, and frustration. It’s called GROWTH.

I don’t want my clients to NEED me. I don’t want them to “need” anyone. They know they can do it on their own. But, they understand and see the utility & magic of betting on themselves, having a mentor/coach in their corner and are fully aware that they *could* do it on their own- but are choosing not to. My clients don’t need me. They *could* do it all on their own. But as the African Proverb says: “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”