How To Spot Fake Intuitive Eating in 3 Easy Steps

1) Selling, promoting, or participating in intentional weight loss strategies. This is the easiest to spot and it’s the most common misconception. IE is not a weight loss tool. STOP TRYING TO MAKE FETCH HAPPEN.

2) They follow and/or prescribe externally driven food rules. Things like time of day, no carbs at certain meals in order to stay “on plan” (um, This is SUPER DIETY!), specific serving sizes, specific schedules, etc.

3) They tout “healthy eating” as a moral issue. Humans are entitled to eat however they want- whether it makes you or anyone comfortable or not is none of your business. If your overweight friend wants to eat a donut AND your thin friend wants to eat a donut- they are both entitled to do so.

Can we all just make a pact that you won’t pretend that you know what IE is if you don’t?

If you have questions- ASK!

Coaches- PLEASE can we all just agree to stay in our lanes? Like, listen- if you wanna sell or buy intentional weight loss, go ahead. You’re not my jam, and I am not yours- cool, I can dig that. But don’t piss in the pool, ok?