Making Better Business Decisions

Up until this point, you’ve likely been thinking about you and your business as being the same entity- one in the same.

Your business is an entirely separate entity outside of you that needs to be taken care of & tended to.

This can shows up as:

-you not raising your rates because YOU don’t feel worthy. But, what’s best for the business? Your rates are not your take home pay. Not even close.

-you not minimizing your offerings because you love each of them, but what’s best for the business?

-you not enforcing policies and boundaries, but what’s best for the business?

-you not restructuring your business model, but what’s best for the business?

You likely make many decisions through the eyes of your clients.

This can show up as:

-not restructuring your schedule/availability because what if your clients are mad?

-not enforcing boundaries because what if your clients are mad?

-not making your clients sign agreements or contracts because that’ll be weird for the client

-you feeling like you need to be available 24/7 because what happens to your clients if you’re not?

Your business decisions should take 3 major components into account:

-The client(s)
-The business


Without a viable business, your clients get nothing.
You lose, they lose, the business loses.
If you burn out- everyone loses.
If your business isn’t making enough money, everyone loses.

If your clients are well-taken care of, but you’re slowly dying inside– what’s the game plan? Wheres the longevity? Where is the joy?

Don’t you deserve a business that you can enjoy that doesn’t swallow you whole so that you can have a life you enjoy outside of business?

Don’t your clients deserve a well-rested, non-resentful coach?

Doesn’t the success of your business rely on you being well taken care of?

If you’re here, you’re probably a really good coach, trainer, and leader for your clients.

I don’t think we need to worry about that.

What we do need to worry about are the ways you’ve structured your business as the never-ending-fountain-of-giving because you don’t think of your business as an entity outside of you. AND. You think that prioritizing your own experience somehow makes you wrong, bad, or gross.

Listen, the world already stigmatizes enjoyment, pleasure, and desire for women. We don’t need to adopt that as our truth, and especially not in our own business.

Your experience, your joy, your desire, your pleasure matter, too.

It is not “either”, it is both.

You can restructure your business at any time that satisfies all 3 entities involved: you, the client(s), and the business.

Owning a gym did wonders for the way I thought about my business. Is this an encouragement for you to open a gym? God no! but hear me out:

When I was in my garage, I naively felt (this is common) like it was “fine” when clients paid late or wanted discounts because I felt like *I* was my business- so, I could handle it, right? Who was *I* to think otherwise? The customer is always right, right?


Once I had a gym, I was on the hook. My landlord wasn’t going to give AF if clients wanted to pay late- the BUSINESS needed to make its money or the BUSINESS would no longer exist. Simple as that.

Your business, even if it exists SOLELY ONLINE, is a separate entity that needs to be taken care of.

WHAT YOUR CLIENTS PAY YOU IS NOT YOUR PAYCHECK. Do you think Lululemon pants cost $118 to produce? No way. They’re priced for profit or Lululemon would not exist. You have to pay your overhead & taxes (for starters) which means if you’re charging $100/month, you are not keeping $100/month. What does the business need to make IN ORDER for you to make what you need to make?

Are you thinking of your clients as some sort of god? I know I did. Whatever they wanted, they got! Isn’t that what being of service means? Isn’t that what it means to be altruistic and kind? To just pour endlessly with zero regard for myself? Wasn’t I SO special & strong that I could withstand the never ending accommodations and requests? Wasn’t my only job to keep my clients happy?

My clients today will tell you that they are important to me and are well taken care of. It is not “them” OR “me” it is the intersection of us TOGETHER. If I’m burnt out, resentful, and exhausted- can I really give them what they need? No. If you put yourself first, you’ll be BETTER ABLE to care for your clients.

Watch for where you’re resentful. Get curious. Apply a boundary. Add a business policy.

Whenever I make a business decision, it has to satisfy all 3 important parts: me, the client(s), the business. I will not make a decision until it makes sense for all involved.

Got a business decision to make? Amazing. Make sure it satisfies all 3 parties involved.