How to Lose the Guilt About What You Charge

Let’s say you charge $100 per hour… and part of you holds shame about it.

You fell into this price point by natural progression, but you also know behind closed doors you’re like “on what planet do I live on that this is ok?!”

One big reason you feel some type of way about what you charge is because you still haven’t fully embodied what it means to be the owner of a business. You’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy! You’re a business owner now, not an employee.

That $100 you’re charging? It’s not all yours. You don’t have 100% profit from your revenue because there is a cost associated with doing business.

Unless you’re DT, you’re paying taxes on that $100.

You have business expenses to pay for that are literally required in order to even run your business.

You have investments in your business that are literally required to keep going.

And after all of those are said and done, now you get to pay yourself. Which means, $100 per hour is NOT your paycheck.

You’re a business owner now, which means the money your business brings in is a separate entity than you are. Then, your business pays YOU. Your clients don’t pay you, your business does. Your clients pay the business for the service and experience that it provides.

You have to understand your revenue and where your money is going in order to feel better about what you charge.

When you realize that the $100 payment really puts about $25 in your personal account, you’ll no longer feel gross, wrong, immoral, or greedy for charging what you charge.

You know how business coaches are like “charge what you’re worth!” and you’re like yeah. That’s because the business coaching industry is lacking serious business sense. Not to toot my own horn or anything but BEEEEEEEP BEEPEEEEEEP, having an MBA kinda helps, ya know, with the business stuff.

And so, today, I lend you my business brain. I approach business from the place where my life coaching certification (right? I know lol) and my MBA intersect- what I call strategy & soul.

It’s all inside this episode of The Confidence Project Podcast where I’m walking you through, step by step, how to plan for profit.