How To Actually Help Your Audience Get Where They’re Trying To Go

When you say things like “I know you can do it! You got this!” inside of an IG caption, your reader is like “great. BUT HOWWWW?!”

It’s not helpful to be inspiring. It’s nice. It’s not bad. But it’s not actually helping anyone.

Your people need tangible takeaways. People don’t have a knowledge problem- they have an implementation and self-awareness problem.

Help them find their own self awareness by using your content to ask them questions that make them dig deeper, like:

– ”wondering why you’re too tired to hit the gym after work? Consider these x-number of things.”

-”why you can’t stop racking up CC debt even though you swore you were going to stop.” (Educate about emergency fund and how it impacts CC usage- as an example)

-”telltale signs you need a break from the gym.”

Those types of post bring awareness to a problem- then provides actual solutions. Because your reader is sitting there thinking “an avocado… thaaaanks…” as you say things like “get to the gym! You got this!” If they *had it* they’d be *doing it.*

To help your audience with implementation, try posts like:

-”3 ankle drills you never knew you needed for a stronger squat.”

-”1 painless way to add $ into your cash savings.” (Answer: set up small daily auto transfers that you will hardly notice. I hide money from myself daily).

The takeaway: use your content to guide your audience to small wins by bringing awareness to problems AND providing tangible solutions. When your content is actionable, it becomes inspiring.

Takeaway number two: hide money from yourself lol.

IG can either be a time sucking peacock contest or one big free resource that helps your audience get wherever they’re trying to go.