How many times do you need to talk about your offer for it to sell?

Recent data suggests that time spent on social media has increased by nearly 43% since 2020.

This may change your online sales strategy slightly 😉

I’ve been seeing some folks talking about “flopped” launches- which is great- transparency is so important!

But… why might that be?

Needed exposure to calls to action has increased.

What used to be 7-9x for an action to be taken is likely now closer to 20-30x.

Your offer may need 3x more exposure than before.YIKES!

The Barbell Collective is about 4 years old. Which means I’ve been talking about it for about 4 years.

This kind of offer awareness will be helpful for you and your core offer.

This is also why constantly creating new offers may be working against you.

If a recent launch or promo “flopped”, thinking you need an entirely different offer isn’t actually helpful IF you’re doing that as a REACTION to your most recent launch.
Being reactive vs proactive in business doesn’t bode well.

The more expensive your offer is, the more airtime it’s going to need.

Of course, “expensive” is relative.

Pulling up and auditing data from a previous launch or promo period can help.

Did your prices just increase? By how much?
You may need some extra time nurturing your audience before the doors open. More $$$ = more trust. More trust = more time, more exposure. So, keep talking about it!

The most recent runway for TBC was ~4 weeks long.
Here were the numbers in terms of how many times it was talked about within that 4-week period

I mentioned this:
~24x on my stories
>>> 4x in posts the week prior to applications going out
>>> 1x post to IG the day apps opened
>>> Mention TBC on just about every podcast episode
>>> 1x email to the waitlist (that had been hearing from me weekly up until that point

I also reference TBC outside of promo or launch periods. Because it’s my core offer, I’m almost always weaving it in and talking about it.

Those are not “magical” numbers.

Don’t think: “omg! 24 story posts!”

The point is….

TBC is “old” and I talked about it a ton.

If your offer is new (less than 2 years) did you talk about it MORE than 24x on stories leading up to launch day? Something to look at for sure.

If you have a launch or promo coming up soon, you may want to increase your timeline and your runway.

You will for sure think it’s time to stop “annoying” people– Don’t fall into this mindset trap.

People need to hear and see things over and over online more than ever before!

If I talked about my “old” offer 20+x on stories, if your offer is newer and/or more expensive, plan to talk about it 50x+ on stories, increasing CTAs on posts, and building in context early and often.

If your most recent promo or launch flopped- and if your offer isn’t 4 years old, did you mention it more than 20x on stories?

Did you email your list weekly for the weeks and months leading up to it?

Did you post about it to your feed for the weeks and months leading up to it?

We’ll want to look at those numbers re: consistency AND frequency before we come up with some super high-level strategy. If you can’t get used to talking about your offer ad nauseam, adding fancy strategy and bells and whistles won’t help.

If you ARE talking about your offer ad nauseam,
and if it’s still like pulling teeth to get people to listen, take action, enroll, etc.

There’s a lot to read between the lines of this post too:

▶️the importance of a core offer

▶️knowing what to say (not all CTAs are created equal)

▶️ structuring your offer in such a way that more enrollees is even sustainable

The point is, business is hard. It is. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. And there’s a lot to consider! So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, that’s normal! There’s a lot to be overwhelmed about.

The biggest takeaway from post is: be repetitive. Talk about your offer. A lot. Talk about it more. Weave it into posts and content long before your doors open, create relevant content that supports your offer, what you do, and who you do it for… talk about it some more.

✅ there is zero way for any one single piece of content to address every possible perspective and piece of nuance that exists. So, if you’ve posted about your offer 1x and made a million bucks, yay! And! You’re an outlier. Nuance and outliers do exist. No one can cram them all into one post.