Hiring A Business Coach Shouldn’t Put You In Debt

“What planet are these coaches living on?!” my client asked me.

We laughed at first. Online business is amazing- it’s also really shady and crooked. People with no prior business success will claim business success once they start charging >$1k per month, use pretty photos and fancy tactics to get clients and sell you on the idea that if you just fork over the equivalent of a monthly mortgage payment for a few months, you’ll too have business success.

But if you’re like me, you don’t want to squeeze out an entire socioeconomic status. You don’t want to leave women behind. And if you’re like me, you can’t justify robbing people just to live your “best life” at the expense of struggling entrepreneurs.

What about the women who are where I once was? Who have bills to pay, a struggling business to keep afloat, and a deep desire to put in the work without having to max out multiple credit cards?

You’re not any less dedicated just because you don’t have $6k on hand to drop and pray that it isn’t a total waste.

Yes, hiring a coach is an investment. But on what merit do these coaches stand to charge more than seasoned lawyers do?

Growing your business should be accessible. It shouldn’t put you further in the hole. It shouldn’t stress you out. You shouldn’t have to decide if you’ll eat dinner that month or pay your coach while she works 10 hours a week and galavants off to the beach while you work 80 hours a week.

Your coach’s desired lifestyle should not become your financial burden.

Accessibility and integrity is missing from the online space. Make sure you’re not funding someone else’s dream life and abandoning your own reality at the same time.

Want a business coach who’s built two successful fitness-based businesses without abandoning integrity and accessibility? I gotchu. Stop getting robbed. It doesn’t have to be that way.