Feel familiar?

I used to do it all the time. I stalked women on Instagram who I wanted to look like- and for the low cost of my health, sanity, and hormones- I COULD!

This is where it gets juicy… I did the same thing for business. I stalked women on Instagram who were biz coaches who had the life I wanted- or so I thought.

For the low cost of $10k, my values, my integrity, and my purpose, I COULD!

And just like the fitness industry will have you believe- THIS is what success looks like. If it doesn’t look like this, it’s wrong. I thought I NEEDED to want my body, my business, my life to look like theirs.

The “dream” you’re being sold might be a crock of shit across the board.

Your “dream body” might end up being a hell of a lot different than what they’re trying to sell you- and that’s a GOOD thing.

Your “dream business” also might look a hell of a lot different than what they’re trying to sell you- and guess what? That’s a good thing, too.

Because maybe you’re like me and you don’t give a shit about being filthy rich, don’t care much for the ass kissing and weekend retreats where you’re forced to socialize with other boss babes (gag). Maybe you’re like me and want to work from your robe as often as possible while drinking coffee and listening to your dog snore the day away, work with amazing clients near and far, while making enough money to go on a trip or two, donate to charities you love, and buy endless amounts of fresh mozzarella, sushi, and lattes (not at the same time) with minimal stress.

Make sure no one is telling you what your life is supposed to look like, or feel like. It’s not as polarizing as it looks out there- this OR that with nothing in between. There’s SO much life in between “this or that.” And I’m here for it.

And if you want to, if it feels good for you- you can be here for life in the middle too.