Having Someone In Your Corner Can Make All The Difference

To the women who might quit tomorrow to move to an island to sell coconuts instead because “it shouldn’t feel this hard” and “I should have been there by now”…

Don’t let ‘em lie to you.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you it’s always a dream and always easy…not even me.

It goes like this from one minute to the next:

This is amazing. I am amazing. Everything is amazing.


What was I thinking?! WHAT HAVE I DONE?! I’m quitting to move to a remote island to sell coconuts and live off the land!

And just today, here’s what I realized after a call with MY business coach: having someone in your corner doesn’t automatically make owning a business (or two) easy or magical. Three little birds have not come to sing on my door step and tell me this is their message to me-e-e. Is every little thing going to be alright? Probably. Yes. Does it always feel like it? No. But here’s what having a legit, non-slimy, non-lying, real-human business coach has done for me:

Given me space to talk things out.
Validated my fears, emotions, and resistance.

Accountability. A game plan. Timelines. Permission. Space to dream. CLARITY.

Space to brainstorm, and someone in my corner who *actually* gets it.

The lie is that everything gets easier. I mean, it does- but new level, new devil, ya know? You conquer the one thing only to have to conquer the next big thing, and the fear doesn’t go away, the mountains keep on coming, but what does happen is you *do* get better at feeling the fear and doing the damn thing anyway.

And having someone in your corner *can* make all the difference.

My business course, for women looking for a non-lying, non-slimy, real-human business coach is opening next week. And I can’t wait to be in your corner when you want to blow everything up and move to an island to sell coconuts instead. Because I’ll either talk you off the ledge or come with you. Either way, you won’t be alone. Which makes the “I’m going to quit” days easier and the “this is amazing!” days that much more sweet.

I can’t promise those days will never happen again- but you won’t be stuck alone in your brain with no game plan when you decide to stay and not sell coconuts after all.