Gym Overwhelm is REAL

You walk into the gym and head straight for the treadmill to warm-up. For what, you’re not even sure yet. You spent all day stressing out about what you were going to do at the gym tonight…

You did legs two days ago. The weight room looks packed. You’re not sure if you’re comfortable enough to throw something together to hit upper body… what would you even do? Your pushups aren’t that solid yet, you sure as shit aren’t going to try and figure out something on the fly… so you just wait out the hour on the treadmill- at least you went to the gym, right?

Gym overwhelm is REAL. Knowing what to do and when makes it worse. Does everyone know that you’re making it up as you go? How does everyone else seem to know exactly what to do except you?

Here’s a secret that should make you feel better: *most* people have no idea what they’re doing at the gym. Which is why you’ll start to notice the same people doing the same things at the same weight- week in and week out for years on end. But, you’re not alone- I can guarantee that your fellow gym-goers are making it up as they go, too.

And if you’re sick of the mental stress that making it up as you go is causing you- the self doubt, the panic, the “whatever screw it, I’ll just stick with what I know” which ends up feeling disempowering and frustrating- knowing exactly what to do, when, and how to do it could be exactly what you need to feel confident with your time spent at the gym.

The Barbell Collective takes out all the guess work. It saves you time, spares you the mental gymnastics of figuring it out as you go, and no muscle group or movement is left untouched- giving you a well-rounded, bomb-ass lifting program that will make you wonder what you’d ever been trying to figure out on your own before.