Two Things To Avoid When You’re Trying To Find Food Freedom

Two things that are not helpful when trying to find food freedom:

1️⃣ More food education. You don’t need anyone telling you what’s in your food, how to read a food label, calories, grams of anything, or ingredients.

2️⃣ Anything rooted in fear. “Omg look how bad this is for you!” If the problem was really a lack of food education AND a lack of fear mongering, women everywhere wouldn’t have to diet, wouldn’t have a poor body image, and I’d be out of a job- which honestly, that’s the end goal: for women to no longer need me or my work.

But that’ll never happen. Because women keep flocking to garbage like this like flies on shit.

Click bait runs rampant with rules and fear surrounding food. What to eat, what to avoid, how much to eat, when to eat, what ingredients are “better for you.” And it’s all bullshit. All of it is.

None of it is helpful.

At my worst- I knew everything about food… all the way down to the molecules that comprised it to the metabolic processes that happened after you ate it. And none of it was helpful.

At my worst, I ate nothing but the purest of foods.

And at my worst- all I did was binge on the foods that I felt I knew were so bad for me. Women have been eating forbidden foods despite knowing better since the god damned bible was written. It’s a tale as old as time.

So you don’t need anymore education and you sure as shit don’t need anymore fear- because that’s gotten you where?

Food freedom is found by tuning it all out. If something you eat brings you joy- eat it. If it makes you feel sick- maybe don’t eat it. Joy isn’t found by eating something that makes you feel guilty- when was the last time you were able to do that?

Food freedom isn’t found by following food rules.

? Some ways to discern if what you’re absorbing is helpful:?

  • Does this information make me feel in control or free? Note the difference.
  • Does this information sound like a simple fix? Just stop eating THIS and BAM- magic! If so, not helpful.
  • Does this information make me feel at ease navigating food in my life or does it create more rules and anxiety?
  • Have I heard a similar rendition to this and followed it as law previously? Where did that truly get me?