Feeling Duped By Your Last Business Coach?

Here’s what may have happened:

1- they lured you in by sharing how much their clients made while working with them. They share stories like “Linda made $6k!” or “Jane hit a $10k month!” Awesome! Are they set up to do that consistently? What did their subsequent successes look like? Did Jane make a total of $10k per year as her grand total? Or was Jane given the tools to do that over and over again?

2-  what did making that money FEEL like for those clients? Is it aligned with the life *you* want to live? If I told you that you could have a $6k launch but it’d cost you time with your family, your sleep, 27% of your soul & 34% of your integrity- is it still worth it?

3 – they sold you on what has worked for *them* and aren’t listening to what *you* want. I had a coach whose advice was that I sell high ticket 1:1 ONLY- even after I kept saying “I am tired and I want more time back.” A 100% 1:1 business model is not conducive to that. I don’t want to be booked on calls back to back while on vacation –  do you?