Don’t Go So Hard Towards Your Goals That You Forget to Live

“I can help you make six figures in 6 months.” But no one ever asked me if I’d be happy doing what that took.

Just like “I can help you lose 20 pounds in 2 months.” But what if the means in which to get there sucks?

There was a time in which I was willing to sell my soul to the devil for the weight loss. And I quickly swapped out one demon for the next- I was well on my way to offering up my soul just to “make it big.” I grew up being taught that money = happiness. Not happy enough? Make more money. Happy people? They have money.


Did I enjoy two a days? No. But I was too focused on the outcome that I forgot to live my actual life while in pursuit of the goal. My life would start 20 pounds from then.

Did I enjoy working 24/7 for years straight? Hard no. But I was too focused on the goal to remember to live my life. My life would start 6 figures from then.

And I waited. And worked. And waited. And worked. And years passed me by and my life was nowhere to be found.

Do I work a lot now? Yes. But the intentions are different and so is the desired outcome.

Same with my workouts.

Don’t settle for the stories that your life begins after you obtain some goal. You can be goal-oriented, like me, and do so while not slaving away forgetting to live your life in the meantime.

Your life is now, not when.