Do You Make These “Healthy Eating” Mistakes?

Let’s talk about Sally to find out…

Sally wakes up and tries to be “good” today to make up for being “bad” last night. She grabs an apple for breakfast and packs a super healthy salad for lunch. No dressing, no nothing. Just greens in a container with chopped up veggies mixed in.

3pm rolls around and Sally is starving. So hungry, in fact, that she cannot help but secretly shove 2 donuts from the office into her mouth. She thinks it’s lack of will power, so she downloads her favorite fitspos free PDF on how to muster up more will power tomorrow so that she doesn’t gorge on more donuts.

For dinner, Sally makes some sad chicken with sad broccoli and feels vindicated in her efforts to “get back on track.”

When she goes out to eat with friends, she cannot help but to order 3 appetizers, an entree, plus dessert because yolo- it’s FRIDAY! And she’s been so good all week with her apples and salads for lunch.

On Saturday, Sally skips breakfast for a fasted workout because she heard that’s better for fat loss. She makes it til 3pm without eating, and by 3:30pm is shoveling chips & cheese into her face at record speed because she’s so damn hungry she can’t even help it. Bottle of wine down the hatch by 9pm, because life is stressful and it is Saturday after all.

On Sunday, Sally gets up early to crush a hard core 90-min cardio sesh to make up for being “so bad” on Friday & Saturday. She meal preps her salads and chicken and rice for the week and gears up for another “clean” and “healthy” and “back on the wagon” week!

Sound familiar?

Podcast episode #179 is all about how meal prepping *might* be setting you up to binge & what you can do about it. Little different than Sally here but helpful nonetheless.