Dieting Slows Down Your Metabolism

Dieting slows down your metabolism ?☕️ Your metabolism is constantly regulating itself based on its environment. The less food you eat, the slower your metabolism gets.

You can increase your metabolism by building muscle. But building muscle requires fuel ?

The implications of dieting over and over and over again- no matter how successful you felt it was or wasn’t- is an increasingly slower metabolism. This means the next time you diet, you’ll have to diet harder. Which means now your metabolism will push back harder. This never, ever ends by the way- unless… Unless you decide to stop dieting. At first, yes- you may gain weight. But your weight will normalize once your eating behavior does. Once you can restore a normal metabolism, get your appetite regulated, and preempt cravings by eating in such a way that you’re consistently enjoying all the foods you eat- everything begins to fall into place. This takes work though! You have to earn your easy with food- kinda like with everything.

Moving away from dieting also requires a degree of body acceptance, body image work, and unpacking a lot of bullshit regarding weight stigma. Why? Because breaking up with dieting also means we have to let go of the “dream body” that diet culture promised us.

What also needs to be unpacked are the lies associated with not dieting: that you’re letting yourself go, that you’re apathetic about your health, that you’re lazy, unmotivated, unfocused, lack willpower.

I encourage you to ask yourself what life you feel lies on the other end of your diet. Have you gotten to that other end yet? What has it cost you to diet so far- literally and figuratively? And if you’re waiting to live your life once you reach your goal weight- how much of your life have you wasted waiting?

There are a lot of misconceptions about the work that I do, who I serve, and how I do so.

I do not facilitate intentional weight loss. If you lose weight as natural byproduct of you not being an asshole to yourself- cool. If you gain weight because you’re not being an asshole to yourself- also cool. If your weight doesn’t change at all- fucking cool.

It’s all cool.

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