Client Payment Agreement [free template!]

client payment agreement template [free!]

Ever spend a ton of time with a prospective client only to be ghosted by them before their next payment is due?


We can circumvent this with payment agreements.


While signing off on one doesn’t guarantee payment, most clients that aren’t bought in will skeet skeet skeet if the relationship feels way too legit-


which is exactly why you need payment agreements.


Not only will it help you keep clear payment records, it will help open up the conversation about expectations of when payments are due, how much, how they’re sent in, what happens if it’s late, how to cancel, etc.


We want to get the most “awkward” parts of business out of the way as early as possible!

before you use this free payment agreement template:

  • This is a FREE template! You must enter in your own information prior to handing it over to a client. The work has not been done for you.
  • Please note that this template serves as a general example and should be customized to meet the specific needs and legal requirements of your situation. Consult with legal counsel to ensure that your payment agreement complies with all relevant laws and regulations


  • This template is not a replacement for legal counsel nor is it a replacement for liability waivers.


  • copy and paste the template below beginning from “[Your Logo or Business Name Goes Here] until the signature page at the end.
  • anywhere you see brackets [ ] is where you enter in the correct information
  • not all segments will make sense for your business! omit whatever doesn’t serve you
  • you may need to add segments! 
  • This is a FREE TEMPLATE- you will need to put in the time to customize it to your unique business needs. FREE doesn’t mean “I don’t have to think for myself.”

what to do after you put this template to work:

I want to hear all about it!


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