Be Willing To Take Up Space

I want you to give yourself permission to take up space instead of shrink.

This is exactly what lifting gave me. Commercial gyms were clogged with women there to shrink as I swerved around the sea of bros checking out their newest bicep vein in the mirror. I deserve to be here, too.

I was there to grow. My character, my grit, my strength. I wasn’t there to shrink.

It’s funny because the gym is either those two things- a shrinking factory or a place to grow.

And when you realize you have a choice, I want you to always choose growth.

We’re made to think that women should be sweet, quiet and cute. Mild mannered, polite, and curated. Seen, not heard. Small. As small as possible.

But I came here to fuck ?? shit ?? up ?? and I want you to do the same ??