Are you trying to capitalize on the Coronavirus to make more $$$?

I’m not.

Small businesses will be hit especially hard during this time. I get it. Trust me.

If you’re panicked, I see you. But before you try to turn your followers’ panic into an income stream, ask yourself if what you’re selling is aligned for you.

I told a business coaching client to go ahead with her covid-19 idea. Why? It makes sense for her. Her ideal clients ALREADY workout at home. Mine do not. It would make zero sense for me to suddenly release an at home workout program just to make $ because… I don’t sell at home workout programs ????????‍♀️

If the ladies inside TBC or @ironphoenix.strengthclub decide to stop lifting at the gym, we’ll chat in there to figure it out together (that’s what a coach does) but I’m not going to try to turn anyone’s panic into a paycheck for myself. I easily could. But, I won’t.

I can see why this is tempting. Potential loss of income due to the crisis = scarcity driven sales tactics that prey on the fear of other people. Makes total sense. But can also be really gross if you’re stepping outside of your integrity to do so.

Ask yourself if you’d sell what you’re selling without there being a pandemic. Would you? Does it make sense for your brand? Your message? For your ideal client? Is it coming from a place of service or scarcity for you? Is it meant to enhance someone’s quality of life right now or just seems like what you *should* be doing? Would you give it away for free right now? <— that’s a big one to help you see where your head’s at.

Yes, small business owners need things in place to stay afloat. Consumers feel they need resources to accommodate potential lockdowns and threats. I know what it’s like to be a consumer driven by fear (looking at you #dietculture) & I hate to see businesses capitalize on vulnerable people right now.