Am I Pretty Enough to Run a Business?


“Make sure you always have makeup on when you’re recording videos. Video is forever! You better make sure you look good.”

Uh, I don’t really wear make up, so no thanks? But I was so torn- do I really have to make sure I look pretty enough just to record a video? Am I struggling to pay my bills because… I’m not pretty enough?

That was 7 years ago- and I never took her advice. Turns out, I didn’t need to.

I’m sorry, are we running a beauty contest or a business?

I recorded videos for a free mini course coming out soon- all for business owners like I was once- sick of sifting through the bullshit of business, not sure if it’s a popularity contest or a beauty pageant, feeling stuck and lost AF. Me and my messy bun and bare face- with good ass content- because this isn’t beauty school, and I’m not here to look pretty for anyyyyyone. And guess what? You don’t have to either.

Remember- we came here to fuck shit up- trying to look pretty? 100% optional- and not needed to build a viable business especially if your ideal client doesn’t give a crap if her coach has makeup on or not. I know mine don’t.

If you’re here for no bullshit biz advice that took me years of struggle and failure to figure out, keep your eyes peeled.

If you’re here for the no bullshit approach to quit dieting, I gotchu- September- mark your calendars!

PS- stay weird.