3 Ways To Make $1,000 Online (While Keeping Your Clothes On)

1️⃣ become a beach body coach. Lololol jk.
1️⃣ sell 38 PDFs for $27.

2️⃣ fill 11 spots of group coaching at $97/month

3️⃣ close 2 high ticket clients at $500 per month

Making $1k online is simple. But not always easy. Don’t get it twisted- simple and easy are not synonyms.

Whichever route you take depends on a number of things- like, do you even WANT a 1:1 type of schedule (or do you just want the $$$?). Do you have enough eyes on your stuff to sell DIY offers, and do you have the systems in place for a great group coaching experience?

Seriously consider what kind of schedule you want.

Do you want recurring revenue? If yes, how you structure your offers will depend on this and the type of offer will also change. For example, when my business client didn’t want to work 12 hours a day anymore, we switched her offers to be more passive in nature so she could work less, serve more & make more.

The Confident Coach’s Club is for women making less than $1k per month online (like, as an actual business owner, not an MLM. Super not sorry) who want to serve better, impact more, and build a profitable online business on their terms. This course will pave the way for you so that you can make above and beyond $1k each month online. If this pandemic has taught us anything about business it’s 2 things: 1) you need to be able to serve and profit virtually and 2) we have the power to create our own economy in the online space (@tylerjmccall said it first!). Now is the time to learn how to turn your passion into impact & your impact into income.

This is a coached course- so you’re not drowning in a FB group with hundreds or thousands of other people. You’re not a number here. You’re guided and coached every step of the way because- here’s the thing- you need something more than more information (you’ve probably absorbed every free business building resource by now, yeah?) & it’s time for mentorship, support, and implementation.

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