3 Ways To Create Better Content

I never understood why my “straight shooter” approach wasn’t working in business. I had been showing up consistently and posting things like: “I have multiple college degrees and a stack of certifications and so my new training program is starting and this is what it costs! Ready?!” And no one would buy it.

And I thought- what the hell? I’m a human body genius! Why can’t anyone see that?!

Then I thought: if I have to use flowery bullshit language to CONVINCE people to work with me then aren’t I selling out? If they don’t see that hiring me is a great decision that’s their problem not mine! I am not selling out! I refuse!”

That is the most common coach/creator mindset block: making it all. about. you.

Because here’s the thing- if you don’t know *how* to attract people to work with you, and if you know you’re damn good at what you do, then ultimately it’s a disservice for THEM. You’re literally unable to help anyone with this mindset. EVERYONE loses with this mindset.

The truth is this: people need to feel heard, understood, spoken TO not spoken AT, and they make decisions based on what they WANT, not what they NEED. It’s not dishonest- it’s helpful. If I know that women would benefit from deadlifting, I’ll convince NONE of them to deadlift by saying “the best biomechanical advantage of a deadlift is bla bla bla.” I needed to learn how to speak their language while touching on their desires. Again, not dishonest- it’s helpful! How do I know this? Because every single one of my clients who works with me will tell you that I’ve helped them in a great way. Had I been on MY bullshit, I never would have gotten them into any of my programs- consequently never being able to help them. Sucks all around, right?

Another example- women don’t want to be Intuitive Eaters- they NEED to be intuitive eaters- they WANT to stop crying every morning when they fail at their diet AGAIN. See the difference? The solution is the same- the roadmap to get there is different!