3 Things You Never Considered About Being a People Pleaser

It’s dishonest

It’s self-centered

It’s rooted in fear vs. trust

I know it doesn’t feel like that.

Surface level, it feels like you’re being considerate, kind, and selfless. And sometimes, it’s totally all those things!

Being a people pleaser isn’t ALL bad. Unless you’re a complete sociopath, we all fall on a spectrum somewhere of “people pleaser.”

But if you know your people-pleasing tendencies are doing you more harm than good, if you’re always there for everyone else and putting your needs last- then we’ve got to dig deeper, there’s a whole lot more going on here below the surface and….

…you’re in luck! We’re unpacking people pleasing on episode 161 of The Confidence Project Podcast! Head over to there to take a listen!