159: “Healthy Food” Isn’t a Thing

“Say it isn’t so, Christina! What about apples!? Celery!?”

Nope, sorry- it’s not that simple.

If there aren’t any inherently unhealthy foods then guess what? There aren’t any inherently healthy foods either.

No one food is healthy. It doesn’t work that way.

What DOES exist are healthy contexts and unhealthy contexts but it’s really not that simple. Trust me, if this was simple, none of you would be here, nor would you constantly be looking for an answer on the other end of another Netflix documentary.

Health, true health, is complex. Even an entire day of “healthy eating” is not enough to define health. Just like an entire day of eating “unhealthy food” is not enough to define health.

Confused? Yeah. I used to be, too.

Tune into this episode for what you *should* be considering instead!