139: Energy Management – The Likely Missing Component In Your Schedule

So, maybe you’ve got the time management think down pat. We covered this in episode #120. While poor energy management can totally lead to poor time management (they are closely linked!)- we have to separate the two ideas all together.

Energy management requires awareness and the ability to tune into yourself. This alone can take a ton of time and practice. The second piece here is that we have to put boundaries in place in order to make sure that we’re living the life we want to live and not just sacrificing every ounce of ourselves by being people pleasers with no boundaries. This is tough stuff- but it is necessary!

I couldn’t figure out how why I was still so damn drained at the end of the day- no matter how much I slept, or how efficient I was with my work and to-do lists, I still felt like I was hit by a truck each and every day. While we can absolutely break this down further into things like: are you drinking enough water? are you eating enough protein and micronutrients? There’s an entire other component that people often overlook: ENERGY MANAGEMENT AND BOUNDARIES.

In today’s episode, I tell you alllll about it, why it matters, and how you can start managing your energy better so that you’re not pouring from an empty cup all the time.