132: Re-Thinking Your Fitness Routine

Is the way you’re spending your time working out making you better at LIFE? If not, we’ve got some things to figure out!

All too often, I see women unable to fully participate in their own lives as a side effect of having a weak, incapable body because the way they’re deciding to exercise just… isn’t effective or truly useful. While there’s nothing wrong with doing things that just make you happy like zumba, walking, running, or water aerobics- it’s just not going to have the same level of impact on your life outside the gym as strength training will- no two ways about it.

Now, if you’re already strength training- there’s still a ton of room for improvement like: are you sitting on machines and/or focusing on single joint exercises?¬†

In this episode, I talk about all the ways I used to royally screw up my relationship to exercise- from using it just as a weight loss tool, to not knowing what to do, and what I’ve learned throughout the years that makes for a solid, effective way to spend your time in the gym.

Interview with Dr. Jocelyn Wallace
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