121: Having Sex With the Lights On, Not Hiding Your Tampons, Talking About Poop, and Other Ways to F the Patriarchy

How many times have you hidden your tampons? I know, it sounds silly- but it’s just one form of oppression that women endure as a part of our patriarchal society. Like “Oh! I’M SORRY FOR MAKING *YOU* UNCOMFORTABLE WITH *MY* TAMPON!” No. I’m uncomfortable because I have my period, which is normal- by the way- and I refuse to hide my feminine products anymore in an effort to be “more lady like.”

Other things I refuse to conform to are: feeling pressure about looking a certain way when having sex, feeling like I need to hide my body by turning the lights off, or never being able to talk about poop because “women don’t poop” because it disrupts the over-sexualized fantasy that men have about women. Listen- I poop. And so do you. And it doesn’t make me any less worthy or attractive if I talk about poop. Or my period.

I don’t expect this episode to jive with a lot of women- as in most cases, women are also so consumed by conforming to the patriarchy and are oblivious to its oppressive nature.

I am not telling you to start farting at the dinner table.
Nor am I telling you to wield your tampon around like a sword in Target (although, that does actually sound kind of fun). What I am telling you is to pay attention to the ways that some things that we feel are “normal” and “expected” of women are coming from OPPRESSION.

I don’t know about you, but I do not exist just to please men- or anyone, really.

To the men out there who are dating, married to, supportive of, or raising strong girls and women- thank you.

I reference this previous episode where Jessica of Wholly Healed talked about why women compete with other women.

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